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1. Video tutorials:

- How to Reload the DS-40 Printer

- Paper Jam

- Torn Ribbon

- Error (broken tab)

2. Verbal Quiz:

3. Opening Procedures:

- Have the trainee open the shift

- Make sure it takes them only about 5 minutes to do so

4. DS-40 Printer.

 - Ask the trainee to reload the printer

5. Practice:

- This day we have intensive practice of the entire process.

- As this is the last training day they have to be able to do the entire process by themselves.

- Try not to give them any hints except for reloading the printer

- Make sure they can work independently

6. Closing Procedures:

Have the trainee close the shift

7. Closing the training:

- Let them know how they did

- Give them some notes if you have any

- Congratulate them

- Ask them to fill out their availability for current and next month

- Remind them how they can access the schedule

- Make sure that you got their employment forms.

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