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Q: How to Reload the DS-40 Printer?

A: When you see the ribbon light illuminated and blinking, it is time to reload the printer. In order to reload the printer you need to access it. Retrieve the key and open the station.

Prepare a new set of ribbon and paper. Every time you change the ribbon, you must also change the paper. One set is a roll of ribbon and a roll of paper.  Make sure you put the key back.

Now grasp the blue latch at the bottom of the printer in order to pull it open.

First, let’s change the ribbon. Remove the black tray; remove the ribbon from the tray. Get out the new ribbon. Look at the tray; it has a diagram of where each spindle goes.  Follow the diagram and pop each spindle into place. If you have done this correctly, the tray will slide back in easily.

Now lets change the paper.  First, pull on the blue lever on the left side in order to open the printer. Next remove the trash collector by vertically pulling it up; then place it to the side. Now remove the paper roll from the printer and remove the wheels from the used paper.  The wheels will be kind of tight on the paper so it will take some force to remove the two of them. Now that you have removed the wheels, you need to place them on a new roll of paper. Take it out of the bag, and then push down on each wheel until it clicks into place on a paper. Make sure there is no space between the plastic wheel and the paper. Then slide the paper roll back into place into the printer. Now remove the sticker and make sure you keep holding onto the paper, and then roll that into place until you hear two beeps. Once you have done this, replace the trash collector vertically. Then close the hatch and slide the printer back into place. Now close the station. Next replace the tray to catch the photos when they come out. If you have reloaded the printer correctly, it should spit out four blank white photos.

Four blank photos. You did it right. In this example, the printer was in the middle of printing an order when it ran out of paper. Now that you have replaced it, it will finish printing the order.  


Q: How to fix a paper jam on the DS-40 Printer?

A: If the printer stops printing, check the lights on a side. If the red error light is on, you may have a jam. Use the same steps from reloading the printer to find the source of the error.  If the ribbon is intact, set it aside. Next check the paper by taking it out.  If you feel resistance – it’s jammed.  GENTLY unroll it to the ground and then tear the paper as shown.  If you have scissors, that’s a bit easier.  To clear the jam, pull the paper from the inside. Pull the paper downward and then wiggle it out. Now you need to make sure the printer is clear of debris. Feed a discarded picture through the printer as shown. It comes out the top. Do this twice. You should hear two beeps every time you do it. If you don’t hear the beeps, power cycle the printer  - turn it off, wait five seconds, and turn it on again.  Then run the picture through again. If you hear the beeps, reload the paper. Make sure the paper has a straight edge.  Now reload the ribbon. If you fixed the jam, you will get four blank photos.  


Q: How to fix the torn ribbon on the DS-40 Printer?

A: Sometimes when the paper jams, the ribbon can be pulled into the jam and gets torn.  To fix the torn ribbon, tear off the damaged ribbon.  Then unravel about  eight inches of ribbon from the orange spindle. Place end of the purple spindle ribbon on top of orange spindle. Then roll orange spindle forward, making sure to hold onto the film as you do so. Rotate past three to four squares of film, and that should create tension. Slide the ribbon back in. If you have done it correctly, the printer will resume printing normally. 


Unroll the film from the purple spindle and place it on top of film from the orange spindle. Secure film with piece of tape. Rotate past three to four squares and than put back into the printer. 

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