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1. Video tutorials:

- Using The CC Terminal

- Settlement on the CC Terminal

- Void an incorrect transaction on the CC Terminal

- Correct a Tip on the CC Terminal

- Replace the Paper Roll on the CC Terminal

- Carbon Copy of the Credit Card

2. Verbal Quiz:

3. Opening Procedures:

- Have the trainee open the shift

- Make sure it takes them only about 5 minutes to do so

4. Credit Card Terminal. Carbon Copy. Charge The Credit Card:

   Using your card make all the CC Terminal procedures:

- Charge a card

- Add a tip 

- Correct a tip

- Void a charge

- Make a settlement  

  Make a Carbon Copy of the Credit Card

5. Practice:

- Intensive practice of the whole process excluding the printer portion

- At the end of training make sure they can use the CC Terminal and all the procedures without your help

6. Closing Procedures:

Have the trainee close the shift

7. Closing the training:

- Let them know how they did.

- Agree on the time and date of the next training.

- Remind them how they can access the video tutorials.

- Show them the tutorials for the next training day and go over the topics.

- Remind them to come in prepared

- Email them with the confirmation of the date and the time of the second training, including the links to the tutorials

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