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Q: How to charge a card using the CC Terminal?


  • To charge a card slide it through the card reader on the right side of the terminal

  • You will see an amount screen

  • Enter the required amount. Then press Enter

  • This transaction was approved!

  • A receipt will begin to print

  • Once it is printed, tear off the receipt

  • This is a merchant copy – your copy

  • Then press Enter and the Customer Copy will print

  • Tear the second copy off

  • This is the Customer Copy

  • Notice, there is no line for a signature

  • The Merchant copy is the copy you need the customer to sign


Q: How to adjust tips?


  • In Order to ADJUST TIPS you need to go through the SoftPay screen

  • Once there, find a purple button on the left bottom of the screen that has a dollar sign and a plus sign

  • Push that button

  • The easiest way to retrieve the transaction is through the invoice number

  • Look at the receipt. The invoice number has 5 zeroes in front of it

  • You don’t need to put in all the zeroes , just the number at the end

  • So this is the invoice number two

  • Hit Enter

  • Before you adjust the invoice

  • Check that you have the correct receipt

  • Compare the last four digits of the card number and the amount

  • Now that you know that you have the right receipt - hit Adjust

  • Enter the amount of the tip

  • Once you see the Success hit CANCEL once to check that you’ve done it correctly

  • Hit CANCEL CANCEL to go back to SoftPay screen

  •  Now you need to print the proof of your adjusted receipt

  • Press the REPRINT button on the right from the ALFA button

  • Hit Any Receipt and use the invoice number to find the right invoice

  • We are on the invoice number two

  • And now you have your Duplicate

  • Attach the Duplicate to the Original receipt


Q: How to do the Settlement?

A: At the end of your shift, after everyone has already adjusted their tips, you need to do the Settlement

  • Go to the SoftPay screen and hit Settlement

  • You MUST hit ENTER to Confirm the settlement

  • Once the Settlement is completed and is successful, you should have one big copy

  • Make sure you have “Settlement Successful” at the bottom of it

  • The Total of the Credit Cards and the Total of the Settlement should be the same as it is in this example



Q: How to void an incorrect transaction on the CC Terminal?


  • To Void the Transaction go to the SoftPay Screen by pressing the asterisk and hit Void

  • It will ask you if you want to Void the Last Transaction

  • Hit NO

  • Retrieve it by Invoice Number

  • This is invoice number one. Don’t include the zeroes, just the number at the end, so hit One and then ENTER

  • Compare the last four digits of the credit card and the amount. That’s the card number and there is the amount

  • This IS the transaction you want to void. Hit Yes

  • You will get a Merchant receipt of the voided transaction

  • Follow the screen instructions and Hit ENTER to print Customer Copy


Q: How to correct a tip, how many attempts can be done?


  • From the SoftPay screen hit the TipAdjust button

  • Retrieve your tip by Invoice Number. This is number two

  • As you noticed the Total amount charged is wrong. This is how to re-adjust the tip

  • Hit Adjust. Enter the Correct amount. Hit ENTER

  • It’s Approved

  • Hit Cancel Once and Check the Total. They should match. 

  • Only TWO attempts can be done


Q: How to replace the paper roll in the CC Terminal?


  • The blinking Red Light indicates you are out of paper.

  • Turn the terminal over, open the latch, remove the plastic spindle and replace the paper as shown.

Make sure that the shiny side is facing the top of the terminal. Close the latch and place the terminal back into charging cradle


Q: How to make carbon copy of the credit card?


  • When Credit Card Terminal isn’t working, your back up would be a Carbon Copy

  • Place the Credit Card in between the two layers of Carbon Copy Paper

  • With a pen make a carbon copy

  • Make sure all numbers are legible and expiration date is not expired.

  • Remove the card and fill out the receipt

  • Fill out the DATE

  • The number of sales

  • And pictures and the amount

  • Leave the Total at the bottom clear

  • Write your name on the top of the receipt

  • After the receipt has been signed, the top copy is yours and the bottom copy is for the customer

  • Hold on to Merchant Copy and treat it like cash

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