• To start your shift first launch Google Chrome (make sure that computer is online), then press Clock IN 

  • Launch “Remove Background” application (computer must be online)

  • Launch “Express Photo” software

  • Set camera to “Program” mode 

  • Make sure the flash is ON

  • Use the following settings on the camera


  • When taking pictures, make sure that guests are in the center and there is enough space on sides, top and bottom


  • Connect the camera using a usb cable

  • Camera will appear in control panel

  • Import pictures

  • When it’s a split or second shift of the day, a new photographer has to enter a name in order to start a new folder, it must be done during the first picture upload  

  • Open “remove Background” app and current shift’s folder

  • Drag and drop picture from the folder into the app window

  • Choose “Colored Background”

  • Open “Color Picker” window

  • Open a desktop text file named “Color Codes”

  • Copy Green color code and close the text file

  • Paste the color code into this color code section and press OK

  • Choose “Preview only” and press “Start”

  • Press “Clear list” and minimize the windows

  • Open “Express Photo” software

  • Go to “Photo Library” and find a folder named “remove”

  • Select the folder and then select the picture

  • Go back to “Photo Workshop” 

  • Choose a digital background

5 sample.jpg