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If the printer stops printing, check the lights on a side. If the red error light is on, you may have a jam. Use the same steps from reloading the printer to find the source of the error.  If the ribbon is intact, set it aside. Next check the paper by taking it out.  If you feel resistance – it’s jammed.  GENTLY unroll it to the ground and then tear the paper as shown.  If you have scissors, that’s a bit easier.  To clear the jam, pull the paper from the inside. Pull the paper downward and then wiggle it out. Now you need to make sure the printer is clear of debris. Feed a discarded picture through the printer as shown. It comes out the top. Do this twice. You should hear two beeps every time you do it. If you don’t hear the beeps, power cycle the printer  - turn it off, wait five seconds, and turn it on again.  Then run the picture through again. If you hear the beeps, reload the paper. Make sure the paper has a straight edge.  Now reload the ribbon. If you fixed the jam, you will get four blank photos.  

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