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Let’s start with the Opening Procedure:

  • First you need to do the inventory - count the frames, count printer media supplies which are ribbons and rolls of paper

  •       Each box of frames contains 150 frames

  •       Each box of DNP printer media supplies has two sets of paper roll and 2 set of ribbon

  • Power on the station if it’s unplugged

  • Turn on the computer and the printer

  • Check the printer info

  • Check the cash box

  • Fill out the Clock In report and send it

  • Start up Express Photo Software

  • Camera Check: check the battery level, make sure the dial is on auto, the focus should be in auto, and make sure the lens is clean

  • Check the connection: take a blank shot and upload it to the computer

  • Printer check: print out the blank shot

  • Put on your gear: get an apron; put a check presenter, sales recorder, bags, a pen, and an envelope in your apron


Closing Procedures:

  • Do your accounting

  • Inventory

  • Fill out your envelope. Put your sales recorder in there, your cash, CC receipts, and your settlement if you are the last one and you do the settlement

  • Fill out the Clock Out report and send it

  • Drop the envelop into the safe

  • Clean up: make sure there’s no food and everything is neat and organized

  • Lock the station

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