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From the introduction course you already know what to say when it comes to the sale part: “Here is your free postcard from our restaurant to commemorate your meal. I also have some optional larger prints for you. Please take a look. The price is one for $15 two for $20, and then $10 apiece”.

Note: the price can be different at your location, so ask your supervisor.


The sale consists of 3 parts:

The first part of the sale is the GIFT PRESENTATION

“Here is your free postcard from our restaurant to commemorate your meal” or “Here is your free postcard”.

Hand them a postcard, give them a few seconds to look at it. It’s important to hand them the postcard, we never just leave it on the table.

Usually they’ll thank you for the postcard once they’ve looked at it. Give them time to appreciate the gift, and then move on to the next part


The second part of the sale is the OPTIONAL PHOTOS PRESENTATION

After they’ve said thank you for the postcard, offer the OPTIONAL PHOTOS:

“I also have some optional larger prints for you. Please take a look”.

You hand the photos out one by one to each person so everybody can take a look. Never give them the whole pile or just put them on the table.  Show the photos one by one and hand them to the guests. Give them the photos as if they have asked for them.


The third part of the sale is THE PRICE

Once you’ve handed out all your photos, give them a moment (3-5 seconds) to look at the photos, after that you can name the price. You just want to casually mention: “Just so you know - the price is one for $15, two for $20, and $10 apiece afterwards”.

Note: they might ask you the price right after you hand them the photos or while you’re doing it. So go ahead and give them the price.

When working with a complex table we use a little bit of a different approach for pricing:

“One photo is $15, BUT if you buy more then one the price goes down to $10 each”.


Body Language and attitude:

Stand up straight, relax your shoulders, put them down and back. The same when you approach the table - you want to be casual, friendly, positive, and relaxed. Again, you don’t want to try too hard. Say the price is the same way you would say: ”The sky is blue”. It’s a simple fact.

Be professional and confident. Don’t forget about eye contact and don’t forget to smile.

Note: if they are celebrating something, congratulate them one more time! It’s important to keep in mind that we are selling the moments, not the frames.


What to say if the guests are asking for a better deal:

1. Offer to give them one photo out of the frame as a GIFT.

If you do so, make sure you write down “1 gift” next to the sales in your sales recorder.

2.  If it doesn’t work for them - offer an extra postcard

3. If they are still not satisfied - offer to match the amount of postcards with the amount of pictures they are willing to buy

4. If refused – offer to email them digital copies of the pictures they want to get

5. If they are still not satisfied – contact your supervisor or manager


If guests are interested in purchasing the photos, make sure they understand that the photos are separate from their bill.





When you do the sales part properly, stick to the sales script 70% of the time you will make a sale.

When you close the table with the sale – write it down in your Sales Recorder.

When the customers aren’t interested in buying that’s fine. Show that you appreciate them still, and walk away with a smile.

Even though the customer didn’t purchase anything it’s still important to keep face and show no sign of negativity because we are professionals and the other customers can see when you’re upset or angry.

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