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You’ve already gotten the standard approach phrases that we use:

- Hello Everyone! How are you doing tonight? The restaurant is giving you a complimentary postcard. I need take a few pictures of you, so please smile, look my way and I’ll make you a postcard.

Another very useful phrase is a little more casual:

- Hi Guys! How are you doing tonight? Let’s get you guys together for a free, complimentary postcard? It’s a gift from our restaurant to commemorate your dinner. Get together and smile.


Now that you know these phrases, let’s talk about how to use them properly.

In both examples we have a structure:

  • Greeting:

- Hello Everyone! How are you doing tonight?

It’s important to get the guests attention. Adjust to the environment – if it’s loud like during rush hours you have to speak loud and clear. You want the entire table to hear you when you approach them. You don’t want to speak to slowly or too quickly, just with normal speed so it’s easy to communicate and it’s easy for them to understand you. You want to show that you are professional and relaxed.


You want to have two different greeting so that you can change a little bit from table to table so you don’t turn into a robot. And it just makes things a little more interesting. So if you have: “the next time you can say


  • The next part - information:

- The restaurant is giving you a complimentary postcard. I just need take a few pictures of you, please smile, look my way and I’ll give you a free postcard.


Again, you have to be clear, the tone and volume of your speech have to be appropriate to the situation, so it’s important that you speak so that they can hear you and they understand that you’re giving them free stuff.

We avoid Yes or No questions to prevent the guests from immediately saying NO. You don’t want to sound like you’re asking them to just take some pictures; they might misunderstand you (maybe its photo for online marketing, maybe you want to take their picture and try to sell them something without giving them free stuff first etc.). Inform them about the free postcard, and that this is a part of the restaurant services and they will feel comfortable.


An example of a mistake:

-“Hi, how are you doing? The restaurant is giving you a complimentary postcard. I just need to take a few pictures of you. ”

Steer clear of questions.

If you do the approach properly 90% of the time guests won’t ask you any further questions. The correct approach will save you time, allow you to cover more tables and make more sales.


Sometimes guests still have some questions like: “

So even though we’ve offered them this complimentary postcard, they often ask this question, they just want to make sure there is no obligation to buy anything. You need to confirm for them: “


Guests can also say: “Thank you, but we already have one”.

If they say they already have one, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want a new one. You can tell them: “


Now let’s talk about . You want to be casual, friendly, positive, relaxed. You don’t want to try to hard – if you seem like you are trying too hard, that’s when they can say “no” and stop listening to you because they don’t trust you. Be professional, be confident.


Body language. Stand up straight, but you don’t need to get stiff. You want to plant your feet but look people in the eye when you’re talking to them. You can switch from person to person as you talk so it’s like you’re talking to the entire group, which you are.

When you gesticulate you can move your hands, but try not to directly point at people. And it’s always helpful to gesture for them to get closer together when taking the photos.


How to carry the camera

Keep the camera over a shoulder and behind you when you come up to the table.

When to show them the camera

Once you have their okay to take pictures, go ahead and pull the camera out.


Let’s summarize:

  1. Greet the table

  2. Tell them why you are here

  3. Tell them what to do

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