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Cultural Exchange

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Easy & Fun Summer Work in Hawaii. 

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 Experience Hawaii With Us! 

Are you friendly? Outgoing? 

Love meeting new people and discover new places? 

Want a creative and exciting work environment?

Then you are welcome to our team!

Experience Oahu with us, from Ala Moana Beach Park to the the greatest attractions on the entire island.


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Vukasin Janjovic, Serbia

  Aloha, my name is Vukasin and I'm a student of the School of Dental Medicine in Serbia. During this summer I was working for Inpostcard (Image Postcard Hawaii) as a photo host, in Honolulu (Hawaii).
  I applied because I wanted to have some fun and improve my English during this summer. That's why I chose this job - I was in Hawaii, I could make enough money to travel and have fun, and also every day I had to talk with guests, so I improved my skills in English. I made a video about my Hawaiian adventure and I won an award on a video contest of my sponsor agency.
  Job is super easy and neat, for the most other jobs. Shifts are short and not hard. Sasha (Regional Supervisor) is such a good person, that is very important when you are so far from your home. She organized picnics on the beach for the employees, we were on dinners together ... I could count on her like she is my friend.
  For sure, I would recommend this job and I can not wait to be back in Honolulu.


Mina Radojevic, Serbia

  Working for Inpostcard (Image Postcard Hawaii) was the greatest work experience I had so far. The manager was really committed and helped me to learn everything necessary for a successful job. I had an amazing time, I met a lot of new people that will maybe be my friends for life. Also I enjoyed team building that we had all together. I can say that I learned so much here, how to put up with many different situations and people, that for sure will mean a lot to me in future. The last but not the least, the wage was really good! I would recommend to anyone and I plan to come back next year!

Filip Vlacic, Serbia

  Image Postcard is great company for work, if you work for them you can expect beautiful restaurants, excellent manager, and good colleagues.. I had an incredible time, I met a lot of new people who might be friends for life. I also enjoyed building a team that we had together. Job is very dynamic, interesting and creative.If you wanna work  this job, Image  Postcard Hawaii is definitely best location for that, island is amazing and in your free time you can enjoy like a king I would recommend to anyone and I plan to come back next year!

Our Partners in Honolulu:

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1687 Kalauokalani Way Ste A Honolulu, HI 96814

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