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Put the Credit Card Terminal in the charging cradle. Now wait for the terminal to boot.

 “Register successful” - you are ready to go!

-press any key to continue

The light is blinking which means you are connected to Wi-Fi. But just to check - you can hit the CommServer and then look at the Wi-Fi server itself. You’ve got signal so you are good to go!

-Now hit ASTERISK (*) to go back

Most of the functions you will use are through SoftPay


  • To charge a card slide it through the card reader on the right side of the terminal

  • You will see an amount screen

  • Enter the required amount. Then press Enter

  • This transaction was approved!

  • A receipt will begin to print

  • Once it is printed, tear off the receipt

  • This is a merchant copy – your copy

  • Then press Enter and the Customer Copy will print

  • Tear the second copy off

  • This is the Customer Copy

  • Notice, there is no line for a signature

  The Merchant copy is the copy you need the customer to sign



  • Now that you have the signed receipt from the customer you need to adjust the tip.

  • In Order to ADJUST TIPS you need to go through the SoftPay screen

  • Once there, find a purple button on the left bottom of the screen that has a dollar sign and a plus sign

  • Push that button

  • The easiest way to retrieve the transaction is through the invoice number

  • Look at the receipt. The invoice number has 5 zeroes in front of it

  • You don’t need to put in all the zeroes , just the number at the end

  • So this is the invoice number two

  • Hit Enter

  • Before you adjust the invoice

  • Check that you have the correct receipt

  • Compare the last four digits of the card number and the amount

  • Now that you know that you have the right receipt - hit Adjust

  • Enter the amount of the tip

  • Once you see the Success hit CANCEL once to check that you’ve done it correctly

  • Hit CANCEL CANCEL to go back to SoftPay screen

  •  Now you need to print the proof of your adjusted receipt

  • Press the REPRINT button on the right from the ALFA button

  • Hit Any Receipt and use the invoice number to find the right invoice

  • We are on the invoice number two

  • And now you have your Duplicate

  • Attach the Duplicate to the Original receipt

At the end of your shift, after everyone has already adjusted their tips, you need to do the Settlement

  • Go to the SoftPay screen and hit Settlement

  • You MUST hit ENTER to Confirm the settlement

  • Once the Settlement is completed and is successful, you should have one big copy

  • Make sure you have “Settlement Successful” at the bottom of it

  • The Total of the Credit Cards and the Total of the Settlement should be the same as it is in this example

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